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Intrinsic dimension video; Ilya Sutskever meta-learning; ICLR 2018 presentations; Pointer Sentinel Mixture Models, PyTorch, einsum tutorials; accessible, open-source AI; lessons of 2 years of AI research

Hi all, Here is your bi-weekly dose of NLP and ML goodness! This time, we have: a cool explainer vide
May 7 · Issue #22 · View online
NLP News
Hi all,
Here is your bi-weekly dose of NLP and ML goodness!
This time, we have: a cool explainer video of an ICLR 2018 paper; Ilya Sutskever giving a talk on meta-learning; all the ICLR 2018 presentations; loads of cool tutorials featuring Pointer Sentinel Mixture Models, PyTorch internals, and Einsum; content around accessible and open-source AI; cool NLP applications such as generating Tinder profiles or predicting wine prices; lessons of 2 years of AI research, a compelling article about bias, and a lot more.
I’ve also added a new category What’s hot 🔥.
Here I’ll summarize at a glance any cool results, neat tricks, jaw-dropping demos, or anything else that I’ve found particularly compelling over the last two weeks. Let me know if you like this format 👍🏻 or prefer not to see this again 👎🏻 at the bottom of the newsletter.

What's hot 🔥
Chunyuan Li and Jason Yosinski from Uber do a great job describing their ICLR 2018 paper "Measuring the Intrinsic Dimension of Objective Landscapes". I hope we will see more of these explainer videos for scientific papers.
Ilya Sutskever gives a talk about meta-learning and self-play at MIT's AGI course.
ICLR 2018 talks and presentations
Einsum Is All You Need - Einstein Summation in Deep Learning
PyTorch – Internal Architecture Tour
Pointer Sentinel Mixture Models
How to Train your Own Model with NLTK and Stanford NER Tagger for non-English languages?
Open-source things
Facebook AI Tools
Adding a cutting-edge deep learning training technique to the library
Making AI accessible
Statement on Nature Machine Intelligence
The Gradient: A Note from the Editors
Cool NLP applications
Generating Tinder biographies
Predicting the price of wine from its description
Articles and blog posts
Lessons from My First Two Years of AI Research
Word morphing
Comparing Google’s TPUv2 against Nvidia’s V100 on ResNet-50
An Introduction to Deep Learning for Tabular Data
What does it really mean for a robot to be racist?
Comparing Sentence Similarity Methods
The Scientific Paper Is Obsolete. Here's What's Next.
Industry news
Scientists plan huge European AI hub to compete with US
Rasa raises $1.1 million to grow its natural language understanding for businesses
Microsoft's Javier Soltero on Alexa, Cortana, and building 'the real assistive experience'
PeerRead: A Dataset of Peer Reviews (NAACL 2018)
Cornell Newsroom Summarization Dataset (NAACL 2018)
Paper picks
Adversarial Example Generation with Syntactically Controlled Paraphrase Networks (NAACL 2018)
Bootstrapping Generators from Noisy Data (NAACL 2018)
Frustratingly Easy Meta-Embedding -- Computing Meta-Embeddings by Averaging Source Word Embeddings (NAACL 2018)
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