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Skimmed between sessions at NAACL-HLT Hi all!  Whether you're at a conference or sipping your morning
June 4 · Issue #24 · View online
NLP News
Skimmed between sessions at NAACL-HLT
Hi all! 
Whether you’re at a conference or sipping your morning coffee ☕️at work or at home, I hope you enjoy this newsletter edition. 
This time, we have: lots of resources including a new interactive ML course by Google, all CodeLabs from Google I/O, and a collection of 6,500 surveys, tutorials, and libraries about NLP; research using retro games in cool ways; finding misspellings (and pretentious words) in a word embedding space; articles about the dark side of AI; computers vs. doctors, round 2; a nice, interactive article about the delayed impact of fairness; an intro to causal inference for Deep Learning; news about startups ( and HuggingFace) as well as Amazon doing more NLP; and new research papers.

What I'm thinking about 🤔
Tools and resources
Introducing Machine Learning Practica
Google I/O 2018
TutorialBank: Learning NLP Made Easier
NLP Architect by Intel AI Lab
Retro games things
Gym Retro
Pokemon names
Cool NLP stuff
Query words before and after translation with a pretentiousness vector
Query words before and after translation with a pretentiousness vector
A simple spell checker built from word vectors
AI---good or evil?
Evil Software Du Jour: Google's Cocktail Party Algorithm
How a Pentagon Contract Became an Identity Crisis for Google
More articles and blog posts
Are computers better than doctors?
Notes on ICLR 2018
Delayed Impact of Fair Machine Learning
Why thousands of AI researchers are boycotting the new Nature journal
Basic instincts
How AI learned to be creative
Holy NLP! Understanding Part of Speech Tags, Dependency Parsing, and Named Entity Recognition
A Report on the Review Process of ACL 2018
ML beyond Curve Fitting: An Intro to Causal Inference and do-Calculus
Industry news
AI Chatbots Try to Schedule Meetings—Without Enraging Us
Hugging Face raises $4 million for its artificial BFF
Microsoft acquires Semantic Machines, advancing the state of conversational AI
Amazon Scientists Use Transfer Learning to Accelerate Development of New Alexa Capabilities
Paper picks
Parsing Tweets into Universal Dependencies (NAACL-HLT 2018)
Noising and Denoising Natural Language: Diverse Backtranslation for Grammar Correction (NAACL-HLT 2018)
Beyond Word Importance: Contextual Decomposition to Extract Interactions from LSTMs (ICLR 2018)
P.S.: Hope you enjoyed this newsletter! I’m at NAACL in New Orleans until Friday. Let me know if you’d like to chat. 
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