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NLP News - LaTeX in FB, ML glossary, Language of Hip Hop, VI reference, Faster LSTMs, Lego sets

This edition of the newsletter contains tons of interesting articles and resources: A comprehensive g
October 2 · Issue #7 · View online
NLP News
This edition of the newsletter contains tons of interesting articles and resources: A comprehensive glossary of ML terms? ✅  What words are “most hip hop”? ✅  All you ever wanted to know about variational inference? ✅ 15% faster LSTMs in keras? ✅  Which lego set has the most surprising colors? ✅  And lots more… 

Facebook Messenger now has LaTeX support!
Facebook Messenger finally has LaTeX support! (We all waited for this, right?) Simply wrap your LaTeX with $$ on each side.
Slides and presentations
Posters and Presentations of the ACL
Towards Teaching Machines to Read and Reason
Facebook AI Research Sequence-to-Sequence Toolkit in Python
Machine Learning Glossary
One of the largest publicly available chest x-ray datasets
15% faster stacked LSTM in keras
Implementation of The Rainbow Parser
Variational Inference & Deep Learning: A New Synthesis
Articles and blog posts
The arXiv of the future will not look like the arXiv
When taking a stand involves sitting
A new theory sheds more light on the generalization ability of NNs
Untangling biases and nuances in double-blind peer review at scale
Reddit Limits Noxious Content by Giving Trolls Fewer Places to Gather
The Language of Hip Hop
An end-of-life chatbot that helps with difficult final decisions
We Need to Talk About Kevin: My attempt to build a trustworthy Twitter bot
Joint IWPT + DepLing Panel
LEGO color themes as topic models
A 10 min intro to sequence-to-sequence learning in Keras
Some Thoughts on the Future of NLP Conferences
Industry insights
Google AI chief says language understanding is the holy grail of AI
CallDesk raises $2.5 million for its AI agent for customer support calls
Challenge set Evaluation of DeepL MT system
Paper picks
[1709.07432] Dynamic Evaluation of Neural Sequence Models
[1709.07809] Neural Machine Translation
[1709.09816] Edina: Building an Open Domain Socialbot with Self-dialogues
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