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NLP News - NLP for beginners, dialogue & sentence representations

There are many excellent newsletters out there related to ML (shout-outs in particular to Nathan Bena
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NLP News
There are many excellent newsletters out there related to ML (shout-outs in particular to Nathan Benaich’s, Jack Clark’s, and Denny Britz’s excellent newsletters). Natural Language Processing (NLP) is seeing increasing interest recently, but there is no resource available that is dedicated to condensing NLP-related information – besides the occasional Twitter conversation and your daily arXiv cs.CL digest (a quick Google search turned up that the most relevant newsletters pertain to the other NLP, ugh).
This is an experiment to gauge if there is demand for such a newsletter for NLP. Please let me know which parts you like and dislike and what you are missing.

Top NLP Resources for Beginners
It can feel daunting to try to get into NLP. Here is a list of some of the most helpful resources out there that will kick-start your learning:
NLP in-depth: Dialogue
Modeling dialogue is tricky. Dialogue agents are expected to strike the balance between being able to communicate on a diverse range of topics, providing information, and accomplishing tasks in a wide range of environments. 
Deep Learning for Dialogue Systems - 2017 tutorial
The Problem(s) with Neural Chatbots
Conference countdown
News from recent or upcoming conferences.
Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics - ACL 2017, July 30-August 4, Vancouver
The 2017 Conference on Empirical Methods on Natural Language Processing - EMNLP 2017, September 7-11, Copenhagen
First meeting of the Society for Computation Linguistics - SCiL, January 4-7 2018, Salt Lake City
Text as Data Conference, October 13-14, Princeton University
Google Scholar Metrics revisited
Industry insights
Baidu acquires natural language startup
The state of the deep learning landscape
Textio raises $20 million Series B
Lingokids raises $4 million seed, partners with Oxford University Press
Google funds a project to automate writing local news
Paper picks
Some of the most intriguing recent research articles.
[1705.02364] Supervised Learning of Universal Sentence Representations from Natural Language Inference Data
[1707.01066] Zero-Shot Transfer Learning for Event Extraction
[1707.01176] CharManteau: Character Embedding Models For Portmanteau Creation
[1706.06551] Grounded Language Learning in a Simulated 3D World
[1706.09733] Stronger Baselines for Trustable Results in Neural Machine Translation
Dataset spotlight
In this section, I will introduce one new/exciting dataset.
W-NUT dataset on Emerging and Rare Entity Recognition
Twitter highlight
Finally, I will highlight one informative Twitter conversation (powered by Treeverse) or inspiring tweet.
Doing an NLP PhD at a US vs. EU institution
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