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NLP News - Paperclip maximizer, Generative models, Debugging ML, Evolution Strategies, Interpretability, arXiv, ICLR 2018, Multi-hop QA

This edition of NLP News is full of awesome content: Play a benevolent but misguided AI? ✅ Find out h
October 30 · Issue #9 · View online
NLP News
This edition of NLP News is full of awesome content: Play a benevolent but misguided AI? ✅ Find out how to debug and unit test ML models? ✅ Learn about Evolution Strategies and AlphaGo Zero? ✅ Read case studies on how to apply NLP? ✅ Understand how to make models more interpretable? ✅ Learn more about the role of arXiv for ML and NLP? ✅ Get up-to date on ICLR 2018? ✅  Use cool new datasets on video captioning and multi-hop QA? ✅

Fun and games
Paperclip maximizer game
Shelley, world's first collaborative AI horror writer
Presentations and slides
Jeff Dean’s Lecture for YC AI
Deep Generative Models tutorial at UAI 2017
Deep Learning Book Club videos
Debugging Machine Learning
Cool tutorials
How to unit test machine learning code
TensorBoard tutorial
A Visual Guide to Evolution Strategies
Case studies
Extracting Tasks from Emails: first challenges
How we Changed Unsupervised LDA to Semi-Supervised GuidedLDA
Transparency and bias
What to do about biased AI? Going beyond transparency of automated systems
How to make your data and models interpretable by learning from cognitive science
Natural language processing will help humans and machines have more empathy
The right words have benefits: Textio talks perks in job listings, and how ‘leave’ beats ‘vacation’
About the arXiv
ACL Policies for Submission, Review and Citation
Building Brundage Bot
Popularity of arXiv within CS
ICLR 2018
ICLR 2018 vs. ICLR 2017 submissions
ICLR 2018 vs. ICLR 2017 submissions
ICLR 2018 submissions
ICLR 2018 Reproducibility Challenge
More articles and blog posts
Word Tensors
AI2 Key Scientific Challenges 2017
AlphaGo Zero: Learning from scratch
Resources and implementations
SLING - A natural language frame semantics parser
Introducing the Natural Language Processing Library for Apache Spark
Industry insights
Woebot: AI for mental health
Facebook apologizes after wrong translation sees Palestinian man arrested for posting 'good morning'
Taste Graph part 1: Assigning interests to Pins
Paper picks
Generalization in Deep Learning (arXiv)
Generative Adversarial Networks: An Overview (IEEE Signal Processing)
Poincaré Embeddings for Learning Hierarchical Representations (NIPS 2017)
Dataset spotlight
Constructing Datasets for Multi-hop Reading Comprehension Across Documents (arXiv)
The Spoken Wikipedia Corpora
AVA: A Finely Labeled Video Dataset for Human Action Understanding
PubMed 200k RCT: a Dataset for Sequential Sentence Classification in Medical Abstracts (arXiv)
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