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NLP News - Resources for learning NLP, advances in automatic speech recognition, language modelling, and MT

After the summer lull, we're off to an explosive start again! This newsletter is packed full of aweso
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NLP News
After the summer lull, we’re off to an explosive start again! This newsletter is packed full of awesome resources to kick-start your learning of NLP, whether you’ll head back to your job or to university. Not only that, we have a plethora of interesting presentations, awesome blog posts, and companies who are rethinking the way we apply NLP. Common themes in this newsletter are advances in automatic speech recognition (ASR),  language modelling, and machine translation.

(A)CL is booming! Submissions at ACL are on the rise year-over-year.
(A)CL is booming! Submissions at ACL are on the rise year-over-year.
Slides & presentations
Challenges for ACL, Presidential Address ACL 2017
Architectures for Neural Machine Translation
Extracting Social Meaning From Language, CVPR 2017 Keynote
Blog posts
My Year at Brain
Four deep learning trends from ACL 2017
Notes on state of the art techniques for language modeling
How I replicated an $86 million project in 57 lines of code
When (not) to use Deep Learning for NLP
NLP Resources
In the following, you will find a list of resources from CMU, Oxford, and the University of Maryland, which are freely available and can be used both as an introduction to NLP with neural networks, as well as a reference for more in-depth topics such as sequence-to-sequence models or imitation learning.
Neural Networks for NLP, CMU
Deep Natural Language Processing, Oxford
A Course in Machine Learning by Hal Daumé III
Machine Translation and Sequence to Sequence Models, CMU
21 draft chapters of Speech and Language Processing (3rd ed. draft)
RL Resources
Hacks for training RL systems from John Schulman's lecture at Deep RL Bootcamp, August 2017
Videos of the Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Summer Schools, Montreal 2017
Word embeddings for 1017 languages
Regularizing and Optimizing LSTM Language Models implementation
Conference countdown
WMT Proceedings
NIPS 2017 registration is now open
Industry insights
Website personalization startup LiftIgniter raises $6.4M
DeepL Translator
SkipFlag uses your conversations to build a knowledge base launches blockchain-based conversational AI platform for health consumers
How Grammarly Quietly Grew Its Way to 6.9 Million Daily Users in 9 Years
Kaldi now offers TensorFlow integration
Apple Machine Learning Journal Vol. 1: Siri speech synthesis, inverse text normalization, and ASR
Paper picks
A Brief Survey of Deep Reinforcement Learning
Semi-supervised sequence tagging with bidirectional language models (ACL 2017)
Learning to Skim Text (ACL 2017)
Dataset spotlight
New Speech Commands Dataset
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