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NLP News - GAN Playground, 2 Big ML Challenges, Pytorch NLP models, Linguistics in *ACL, mixup, Feature Visualization, Fidelity-weighted Learning

The 10th edition of the NLP Newsletter contains the following highlights: Training your GAN in the br
November 13 · Issue #10 · View online
NLP News
The 10th edition of the NLP Newsletter contains the following highlights: Training your GAN in the browser? ✅  Solutions for the two major challenges in Machine Learning? ✅  Pytorch implementations of various NLP models? ✅  Blog posts on the role of linguistics in *ACL? ✅  Pros and cons of mixup, a recent data augmentation method? ✅  An overview of how to visualize features in neural networks? ✅  Fidelity-weighted learning, a new semi-supervised learning technique? ✅

Fun and games
A hilarious misunderstanding with Google Home
GAN playground
Skyrim rendered in text
Hilarious A.I. bot fights email scammers by trolling them, wasting their time
Presentations and slides
Two Big Challenges in Machine Learning
Resources, implementations, and tools
Search ICLR 2018
Pytorch implementations of various Deep NLP models in CS224n
Neural Architecture Search - NASNet
Easy drawing in Jupyter notebooks
Posts and articles with a linguistic focus
Linguistics, NLP, and Interdisciplinarity Or: Look at Your Data
Is ACL Interdisciplinary?
The Randomness of Language Evolution
Articles and posts about novel methods
mixup: Data-Dependent Data Augmentation
Google’s AI Wizard Unveils a New Twist on Neural Networks
Two Novel Approaches for Unsupervised Machine Translation
Salesforce A.I. researchers develop faster machine translation model
The Words of ‘Modern Love’ Essay Submissions
Feature Visualization
More articles and blog posts
New AI Grant Fellows
Backing off towards simplicity - why baselines need more love
Google’s Sentiment Analyzer Thinks Being Gay Is Bad
Hidden Meanings: Can Computers Identify Great Writing?
What My Personal Chat Bot Is Teaching Me About AI’s Future
Fake language: two perspectives
Industry insights
Business questions engineers should ask when interviewing at ML/AI companies
The State of ML and Data Science 2017
Berlin’s Ada Health raises $47M to become the Alexa of healthcare
AI startup AYLIEN announces €2m investment
Paper picks
Fidelity-Weighted Learning (arXiv)
Whodunnit? Crime Drama as a Case for Natural Language Understanding (TACL)
A Survey on Dialogue Systems: Recent Advances and New Frontiers (arXiv)
Dataset spotlight
Algebra Question Answering
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