Sitemap - 2018 - NLP News

🎅 NeurIPS 2018; The nature of research; Advances in image generation, protein folding, and RL

ML on code, Understanding RNNs, Deep Latent Variable Models, Writing Code for NLP Research, Quo vadis, NLP?, Democratizing AI, ML Cheatsheets, Spinning Up in Deep RL, Papers with Code, Unsupervised MT, Multilingual BERT, Graph Networks, AutoML

TensorFlow 2.0, PyToch Dev Conference, DecaNLP, BERT, Annotated Encoder-Decoder, ICLR 2019 reading, v1, AllenNLP v0.7, 10 writing tips, AutoML & Maths for ML books, TensorFlow NLP best practices

Deep Learning Indaba 2018 edition 🌍

Fake video, State of ML Code, Notebooks, and Software, Advice for MScing and PhDing, Ada Lovelace, 150+ Best Resources

Learning Meaning in NLP, Recurrence in NNs, Q&A with Yoshua Bengio, ML == pseudo science?, ImageNet < 18mins, Where's Waldo?, Frontiers of NLP

Future of CV and NLP, Maths (Fields Medal, Maths for ML), AutoML Natural Language, Google Assistant, Cutting through the hype, NALUs

ACL 2018, Videos from NAACL 2018 and ICML 2018, Fanatic NMT, MojiTalk, CompareGAN, NLP is fun, Program synthesis, AutoML, DeepStack, Gumbel Softmax

RL and teamwork, Tracking the state of AI, Facebook and fake news, Doing research, Conference things

Transfer learning, Chris Olah, Software 2.0, NMT with attention notebook, gradient boosting in-depth, Defense Against the Dark Arts, interpretability and bias, RL, scene understanding

Conversational AI tutorial, RNNs for particle physics, InfoGAN, NLP Coursera, NLP book, killer robots, Code2pix, Google AI principles, relational reasoning

ML Practica, I/O CodeLabs, All About NLP, Retro games, Dark side of AI, Computer vs. Doctors, Misspellings, Fairness, Causal Inference,, HuggingFace, Amazon; Google IO; Semantic segmentation, object detection, network graph overviews; algorithms vs. compute; AI perspectives; MT; semantic similarity; Goodfellow, Schmidhuber, & Kaggle #1 profiles; Maths for ML; synthetic data; uncertainty for dialogue

Intrinsic dimension video; Ilya Sutskever meta-learning; ICLR 2018 presentations; Pointer Sentinel Mixture Models, PyTorch, einsum tutorials; accessible, open-source AI; lessons of 2 years of AI research

NLP PyTorch libraries; GAN tutorial; Jupyter tricks; TensorFlow things; Representation Learning; Making NLP more accessible; Michael Jordan essay; Reproducing Deep RL; Rakuten Data Challenge; NAACL Outstanding Papers

Tensorflow DevSummit 2018; Annotated Transformer; TF-Hub; CS224n reports; Awesome-NLP; Meta-learning; World Models; Neural Baby Talk; Semantic Plausibility

ML Systems challenges; Multilingual Coref; Unsupervised NMT; Human MT performance; Neural Lattice Language Models; Norms comparison; Are GANs created equal

NLP News - Coursera Deep Learning course notes; VAE explainer; Metalearning Symposium videos; ML crash crouse; DeepPavlov; universal decoder of linguistic meaning; meta-learning; annotation artefacts

NLP News - Yann LeCun vs. Chris Manning; UMAP; Soft Cosine Measure; Convolution Visualizer; NNs on iOS Tutorial; Variational Inference Explainer; RL doesn't work; Interpretability; Neural Voice Cloning

NLP News - SPINN, ∂4, Nested LSTMs, Capsule Networks, Minigo, Matrix Calculus, Past Kaggle Comps, Private Image Analysis, CNN in Google Sheets, AI & Games, IMPALA

NLP News - Poincaré embeddings, trolling trolls, A2C comic, General AI Challenge, heuristics for writing, year of PyTorch, BlazingText, MaskGAN, Moments in Time

NLP News - 2017 Year in Review, 2018 Prognoses, Semi-supervised learning, CTC networks, random forests tutorials, super-human SQuAD, M is Dead, Advances in Pre-training Word Embeddings